White Fragility

The following seven clips provide a helpful overview of Dr. Robin DiAngelo’s findings after the twenty+ years of research on these topics.

Why is it so difficult for white people to talk about race?

DiAngelo examines the common, counter-productive definitions I carry, the noncritical assumptions I operate from, and the unconscious patterns resulting from my inevitable socialization as a white person. I’ve isolated the 7 clips I found most helpful and linked them below:

  1. Racism is a system, not an event.   1 min 12 sec
  2. State sanctioned discrimination and violence    3 min 8 sec
  3. How we frame events: Jackie Robinson example    4 min 20 sec
  4. Good/Bad binary: Its function in conversations about race   12 min 26 sec
  5. Aversive racism in white defensiveness   16 min 39 sec
  6. What would it feel like to walk into that room? 11 min 5 sec
  7. Model for repair and non-defensiveness   6 min 35 sec

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